It is important to us that our homes are Energy Star Certified. Being a participant in this program means your Prominent home will: 

  1. Save you money on your annual utility bill. Who doesn't love a little bit more extra 'walk'n around money'? 
  2. Give enhanced performance with efficient heating and cooling systems allowing for better home comfort and more consistent temperatures throughout home, improved air quality and energy saving windows & doors
  3. Use 20% less energy which impacts our environment in a great way. 


How do we do this? We hire a local company that grades our homes and ensures that we are meeting the certification levels needed. One part of this grading is a "blower door test". They test the seal of your home seeing how much "air leakage" is escaping your home. Thanks to our in-house insulation crew we score some of the highest test results in the area! In addition to this, we use higher R value insulation for that extra layer of comfort. 



Someday soon our homes will be a part of the Net Zero program meaning whatever energy your home takes, it will give back. Be sure to talk to Sam during your design meeting to find out in detail all the ways your home is Energy Star Certified.