Norfolk County named "Best Place to Invest" by QMI AGENCY
The question really should be Why Not Norfolk? With a population of  approximately 63,000, Norfolk truly is one of Ontario’s best kept secrets. Located on Lake Erie, Norfolk County is a two hour drive or less from Toronto, Windsor, Hamilton, London, Kitchener-Waterloo and both US borders. Norfolk  has some of the most fertile land in Ontario, growing foods such as apples, asparagus, cabbage, strawberries, pumpkins, sweet corn, and cucumbers, as well as ginseng and peanuts due to its milder climate and sandy soils. Norfolk truly is home to rich and diverse agriculture, marking it as one of the top producing areas for farm fresh produce in Ontario.

Self-promoted as " Ontario’s South Coast”, Norfolk is the popular destination for many trying to find an enchanting vacation get-away. Norfolk guarantees to offer something for every age and from all walks of life. Boasting a wide variety of festivals and events, some of the most popular including the Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show, Pumpkinfest, PD13 (Friday the 13th), the Simcoe Christmas Panorama and the Friendship Festival. Norfolk’s culture is as rich and diverse as its agriculture, being home to numerous museums, historic sites, and theatres. For those looking for more adventure, Norfolk also offers excellent fishing opportunities for anglers, beautiful golf courses, and numerous walking, biking, and ATV/dirt bike trails.

Prominent Homes values community, and we are extremely proud to be part of Norfolk County. We can say with complete conviction that Norfolk County is an excellent choice when searching for a community to build in. None of what Norfolk has to offer could truly be made possible without the people that live in it, and we stand by our word when we say that Norfolk County has some of the best. Its friendly population truly makes Norfolk stand out among the rest. So once again we ask, Why Not Norfolk? You really can't go wrong.


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