Waterford was established in the late 1700s around Paul Averill’s grist mill on Nanticoke Creek. Much of the town’s economic prosperity until the 20th Century was due to the Canada Southern Railroad, which connected Buffalo and Detroit and passed through Waterford.

Today this beautiful quaint town is rapidly growing, hosting a lovely mix of heritage homes and new home subdivisions. Bordering Waterford is a variety of rich and diverse crops, including Ginseng, cabbage, and tobacco, contributing to both the beauty and the economy of the area. This tranquil, picturesque town is an excellent choice for both home builders in their mature years looking for a place to find peace and relaxation as well as families searching for a safe and friendly community to raise their children. Waterford is home to many shops, restaurants and businesses as well, all contributing to the friendly atmosphere of the town. This small town, like many others in Norfolk, also hosts a number of festivals and events, including Waterford Pumpkinfest in the middle of October. This festival guarantees to draw large crowds whether rain or shine. Waterford is a beautiful, friendly town that many are proud to call their home.


A Guide to Waterford:

Old Town Hall Association


The Waterford Heritage & Agricultural Museum




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