Located on the shores of beautiful Lake Erie, Port Dover was established in the early 1800s. This port town would eventually become known for its commercial fishing industry and greenhouses of roses, the latter which ended in the 20th Century. Industry now revolves around tourism and hospitality, welcoming many visitors in the spring and summer months.

Today this beautiful Lake Erie port town is an excellent stop for tourist and new home owner alike.  Dover is now the fastest growing community in Norfolk County, settling currently at a population of approximately 5,527. By choosing this community, you can have both the beautiful home of your dreams and the perfect cottage retreat.  Dover offers a great deal for people young and old and from all walks of life. The pier hosts large numbers trying their luck at catching a Lake Erie perch or people simply enjoying the sites, including boats coming in and out of the harbour.  Dover is also home to the highly acclaimed Lighthouse Festival Theatre which was established in 1905 and now boasts an annual attendance of over 36,000 people. If the theatre does not pique your interest, Dover is host to numerous festivals and events, including the annual Perch Derby and Friday the 13th. This picturesque town also has many quaint shops and numerous restaurants, providing great options from a delicious Arbor Dog to Lake Erie perch and pickerel.  Dover is a beautiful place to both visit and live; providing the excitement of summertime and the peace and tranquility of winter. We recommend you visit this charming port town as it is sure to impress.


 A Guide to Port Dover:

Lighthouse Festival Theatre

Port Dover Harbour Museum

Port Dover Maple Leaf

Port Dover Businesses 


Some information provided by Norfolk Tourism