Prominent Homes is proud to offer ENERGY STAR® Homes. The ENERGY STAR® for New Homes initiative promotes energy efficiency guidelines that enable new homes to be approximately 25% more energy efficient than those built to minimum provincial building codes. The increased efficiency of these homes translates into reduced energy costs for homeowners.

Typical energy efficiency measures for these new homes include:

- insulation upgrades

- high-performance windows

                                - better draft proofing

                                - more efficient heating, hot water and air conditioning systems

Features of an ENERGY STAR® Qualified Home:

Some of the features that builders typically incorporate into ENERGY STAR® qualified new homes include

Heating and cooling systems – Furnaces, thermostats, fireplaces, and HRVs (Heat Recovery Systems) are ENERGY STAR®qualified. The annual fuel utilization efficiency rating ( AFUE) of furnaces complies with rigorous Canadian minimum efficiency requirements. As a result, you use less fuel and save money.

Windows, patio doors and skylights – Windows, glass doors and skylights comply with Canada's requirements for ENERGY STAR®qualified windows. This feature alone could cut more than 10 percent off your energy costs.

Walls and ceilings – There is more insulation in the ceilings (R50) and walls (R28.5) of an ENERGY STAR®qualified home than is required by building codes. This reduces heat loss, puts less strain on your heating and cooling systems and keeps your house more comfortable.


Benefits to the New Homeowner:

  • lower energy bills
  • improved comfort
  • lower impact on the environment
  • higher resale value


Information provided by Natural Resources Canada